Our purpose
Violet’s mission is to evolve trust in Web3. We believe that human trust is a key primitive, today mostly absent in the broader decentralized identity stack. Paired with robust data privacy guarantees and access controls, our vision is to enable a user owned identity network.

What we do

As we progress towards our vision, we imagine many different use cases where tying a wallet to an identity (vs an identity to a wallet) is critical. Think sybil resistant governance participation, DAO contributor payments, or NFT artist verification.

While excited about all of the above, today we are focused on catalyzing institutional participation in DeFi through on-chain compliance and identity tooling. You can learn more about our immediate plans in our documentation.

Other work from us include co-authoring the ERC1238 spec (non-fungible and non-transferable tokens) and the Extendable Pattern (fresh take on modular smart contract development).

Who we are

We are a remote full-time team of 11. Our original home is Berlin, where we maintain a small office, which we often use to get together and drive the kind of work best done through in-person collaboration. Other hubs for us include London and Paris.

💡 While we are a remote first organization, we keep to synchronous working times across core EU time zones. We get together as a team about 4-6 times a year

Our culture is built on curiosity, collaboration, humility, and a strong sense of ownership. We succeed through a collective bias to action, continuous context sharing, and to always assume positive intent.

What’s it like to work with us

🌎 We work as a fully remote team with frequent onsites in new and exciting locations. Recent trips have brought us to Paris, Denver, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

🏛️ We work productively and hard but also love to enjoy some downtime and team events. Curiosity and variety are key, one time you may find us drinking beers and playing shuffle board and the next we are doing a tour of the Louvre.

✨ Everyone on the team participates in the success of Violet. Thus, in addition to competitive salaries, we offer above market equity packages.

💻 We appreciate you will know best on how to optimize your productivity. So we offer a top of the line laptop (your choice and configuration), up to $3000 as an annual benefit package (freely spendable across education, health, and productivity), and up to $2000 to give your home office an upgrade.

  • Frequent travel to off-sites and collaborative team events

  • 3000 Euro annual benefit package (freely spendable across education, health, and productivity)

  • 2000 Euro budget to give your home office an upgrade